Manufacture and wholesale of knitted and woven fabrics

We are undisputed leaders in the manufacture of knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics and their blends, due to the quality in their production. We sell from 400kg to multiple tons, in the weights, colors, finishes and colors you need.

We have the capacity, experience, personnel and technology to develop new fabrics with finishes, dyeing and prints that will help you create unique products that your customers will love.

Our wide variety of fabrics are used in diverse markets from sportswear, loungewear, t-shirts, lingerie, pajamas, jackets, blouses or pants, for men and women, as well as baby clothes or for the footwear industry and beachwear.

Circular fabric

Tubular fabrics

We manufacture tubular fabrics from 17″ to 40″ finished.

Circular fabric

Open fabrics

We manufacture open weaves from 1.20 m to 2.10 m in finished width.

Circular fabric


The weight of our fabrics ranges from 80 Gr/M² to 500 Gr/M².


We manufacture this knitted fabric in cotton, polyester or blends, in different weights and thicknesses, depending on the requirements of the garment (cuffs, collars, waistbands, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, leggings and others).


Create fresh and light garments, or add softness, elegance or femininity to various garments. We manufacture the highest quality chiffon for dresses, blouses, skirts and underwear.


We make various de-watered fabrics to add a unique visual effect and finish to your garments, whether cotton, polyester or blends, you can create lighter weight products for dresses, beachwear, blouses, sweaters and more.


Add color, style and effects to your garments. We print patterns, designs and images. We have different methods and types of prints to create unique fabrics and colors. It manufactures spectacular, durable, quality garments. Stand out from the competition!


Get a soft, fluffy texture on one side to bring warmth, comfort and absorbency to your sweatshirts, jackets, pajamas, loungewear and more. Our plush is made of cotton, although we can also create blends with polyester. contain blends of other materials such as polyester. We manufacture plush in different colors, thicknesses and weights, for different uses and climates.


Soft, lightweight and absorbent in texture, we manufacture cotton or cotton french french with lycra for stretch, breathability, comfort and improved durability; ideal for sportswear, workout wear and other casual garments. With french terry, you will have garments that regulate body temperature and are comfortable for physical activities.


We manufacture Interlook in cotton, polyester and blends, with or without lycra. Its double interlock knitted fabric improves its strength, comfort and softness. Interlook is ideal for reversible garments, sportswear and garments such as T-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, underwear and baby clothes.


Do you have a new project? We create a fabric that fits your needs and those of your business.


We manufacture pique of different weights and densities so that it can be used in different garments. The lighter piqués are used for summer and sportswear, polo shirts, dress shirts, dresses, skirts and baby clothes thanks to the ventilation they offer. Its embossed texture also helps absorb moisture and maintain a cooling sensation in hot climates.


We manufacture Semi Jacquard using additional yarns to create specific patterns in selected areas of the fabric, creating a more elaborate design compared to the standard weave. Semi-jacquard fabric is versatile, offering the decorative aesthetics of jacquard without the complexity.


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